IDS for Publishers

NEW! IDS now provides automatic image recognition from any source, allowing you to track and analyse usage and remit payment to suppliers.

  • IDS Picturedesk - Access photos and video from the world's leading agencies. Manage all content via a single interface. Integrates directly into your workflow

  • MyIDS - Upload and share your internal archive, photo-shoots or UGC material

  • Syndication - Increase sales of your in-house archive via the IDS Syndication Portal


©plainpicture/Hero Images

©plainpicture/Hero Images

For Brands & PR Agencies

  • IDS Picturedesk - a one-stop source for over 150 million live and archival celebrity images, from hundreds of contributing agencies
  • IDS StarTracker - Receive automated alerts in real time to help you track photos of your clients, products and events
  •  BrandTag - Seamlessly attach your brand’s copyright to images before they can be accessed by photo editors
  • IDS Visual Analytics - Identify and track images containing your products with our proprietary, state-of-the-art image recognition technology




For Content Owners

Are you looking to license your images to the widest possible audience? Photo agencies and brands use IDS to increase sales and reach a global audience of media organisations.

IDS Picturedesk is used by hundreds of content suppliers and viewed by thousands of media buyers every day.

  • Let IDS automatically track your image usage
  • Receive live reports highlighting the reach of your content

  • Our technology makes costly, unreliable in-house systems redundant