AMI - American Media Inc

American Media Inc. (AMI) owns and operates the leading celebrity and health & fitness media brands in the USA, publishing titles such as OK!, National Enquirer and Men’s Fitness.

When AMI decided to replace its internally hosted Digital Asset Management software, as part of a long term vision to migrate its IT systems to the cloud, they required a partner that would provide high level of service and support that would be accessible to all its personnel at any office location.



  • Fast and easy to use solution
  • Capability to handle tens of millions of digital assets
  • Ability to process 100,000+ images on Oscars Night
  • We deal with the High res files from all the Agencies until needed
  • Effortlessly integrate into AMI'snormal workflow

IDS developed and provided a customised SaaS solution based on the IDS PictureDesk image platform. AMI can now publish all their images directly to their DALIM workflow system at the touch of a button.

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