IDS PictureDesk

IDS PictureDesk is an online image portal, hosting content from the world's leading agencies. With an archive of 150 million images and 50,000 new images added to the database daily, IDS PictureDesk lets you monitor when and where your clients and products have been photographed

  • Single point of access for content from 150 agencies
  • Live StarTracker™ alerts when new images of interest are added to the site
  • Fast and accurate search and retrieval of the images you want
  • BrandTagging™ - allows you to add your brand's copyright information to images

IDS StarTracker

IDS StarTracker monitors celebrities of interest, and automatically sends you the latest images. Simply register a celebrity, the time period in which you want to track them, and how often you want to receive updates. StarTracker emails you the latest coverage, or delivers it directly to your mobile via the IDS App.

IDS BrandTag™

IDS BrandTag lets you attach your brand's copyright information to images as they are added to PictureDesk, allowing editors to immediately see when your brand is shown in an image.


IDS Visual Analytics

Using its proprietary state of the art image recognition algorithms, IDS is able to identify and track images of your products and clients online. Download detailed usage reports to discover the reach of your content online.

  • Scans 500,000 images daily
  • Directed search - add the sites you are interested in and IDS will monitor them
  • IDS recognises your image even when it has been cropped, watermarked or otherwise altered

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