IDS PictureDesk

IDS PictureDesk is the first port of call for publishers to source editorial content from professional photographers and their agencies. It is an effective and economical way to promote your content to a wide range of media. With IDS PictureDesk you can easily manage your collection via web browser, decide who can view or download your images, and set licensing options. IDS applies proprietary image recognition technology to all images to detect copyright infringement.

  • IDS PictureDesk is used by leading publishers to source editorial content
  • Easily manage rights and access to your content
  • Digital fingerprinting and watermarking of images protects your content from copyright infringement
  • Content is displayed chronologically, ensuring all suppliers have equal visibility
  • 24/7 online reports to manage usages/ licencing

IDS Visual Analytics

Using its proprietary state-of-the-art image recognition algorithms, IDS is able to identify and track your content online. Download detailed usage reports to discover the reach of your content online. 

  • Scans 500,000 images daily
  • Directed search
  • IDS recognises an image even if it has been cropped, watermarked or otherwise altered
  • Identify copyright infringement