IDS was established in 1992 and started with an image management product to allow scanned images to be cataloged on a Computer. It became obvious that we were way ahead of our time as most Companies did not have enough images digitized to see any use to need to catalog anything. IDS therefore spent many years training and setting up scanners, digital cameras and printers in Agencies offices. We worked closely with Kodak to provide software bridges to allow different products to talk to each other.

When the Internet emerged we started setting up Websites the first being A-Z Botanical collection and then onto many more we still run the websites for a number of our clients.

From these websites we decided to provide an amalgamation portal as many clients were searching across each library and from this the IDS picturedesk was born in ... and now has over 100 Agencies with 100 million images and 40,000 new arriving daily

We were involved in a number of large database building projects the AA Picture Library we set up their scanning department and cataloging of all their analogue material.

We worked with Thames Water, and a number of other service utilities to arrange how they would digitize their collections.

IDS helped set up Fotango one of the first Photosharing websites that later was bought out by Canon.

The Imperial War Museums database of War memorials across the country was organized by IDS.

We have done work for the British Army the MOD and Scotland Yard. All our projects are different and have their own unique challenges. IDS are able to work quickly and find innovative solutions to all sorts of problems.